Darian at the IX Congress of the World Association of Valuation Organisations, WAVO Bucharest, September 6, 2018

The Horea’s Meadow from the Belis municipality
15 November 2017
Adrian Crivii, founder Darian DRS: I always wanted to be an efficient manager
12 September 2018
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The invitation to my colleagues from the WAVO Board to organize a new WAVO World Congress Congress in Bucharest was accepted and the the 9th WAVO Congress took place on September 6 2018, with the theme “Ethics in the Field of Valuation”.

The event, where DARIAN was the main sponsor, was high-profile and the main aim was raising standards and contributing to the development of the valuation profession.

This event comes as a support for all the young people in the company, as well as for the other evaluators in Romania, an opportunity to get in touch with the latest news in the field and to get to know world-class experts in he field.

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